Sunday, May 23, 2010

The "Disorienting" Orientation Tour

Hey Studio 11: So, today was as I like to call it, our "Disorienting" Orientation Tour given by non other than Matt Brehm. It was also the Pentecost at the Pantheon, and really the day started there. And I must say that the interior of the the Pantheon did not disappoint, from photographs I had never imagined the actual scale in relation to me! Bottom line, this place is massive, and incredible, repeat, truly incredible. However when we first arrived at Piazza Della Rotunda, I'm not gonna lie, I was slightly disappointed and maybe this picture will tell you why... When you come to Rome, you forget that, hey these buildings are in some cases thousands of years old, and so I suppose it's good that they keep up on the restoration needs, but slightly disappointing when you can only experience half of the portico because the other is engulfed by scaffolding.

Also, the tourists were out in mobs today. The Trevi fountain and Spanish Steps were insane with tourists, so I can't wait to experience some of these places when there isn't the flash of quick photos and tourists running in every direction. Those were just a few of the places we hit today, also notable was the Monument to Victor Emmanuel, distant views of the Colosseum, the Piazza del Campodiligio by Michelangelo, Piazza Navona which is home to the Fountain of Four rivers, the Forum of Ancient Rome, and lots of others that create beautiful and awesome moments within the city.

Why I called this the "Disorienting" Orientation Tour is that Rome really doesn't have any discernible grid that we can guide ourselves off of when we first arrive. Matt helped to point this out, but I think that it is so true, as almost every American city is based off a particular grid system within the urban plan and context, and Rome isn't, what it does have are some major roadways which can function as arteries to the city, connecting or finishing in amazing views or with an obelisk, as Rome has 13 scattered throughout the city. So, it does make it seem slightly nerve racking and difficult to figure out which way to go.


Pentecost at the Pantheon

The Pantheon during Pentecost.

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