Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rolling Rock Crit 3/5

Each can learn from another... Class strengths highlighted
Phil walked us through each of our Aquatic Center projects to highlight where specific students in studio are particularly strong. Notes from class discussion:

Rikki- "city within a building" Program elements within the larger scheme

Brittney- Well ordered plan and detail in thought

Scott- Simplicity= strength, strong site design & board layout= color-info-color-process

Caralina- "Forest of Structure" produces paralax, which is in turn dynamic & soothing. Strong focus on joint interactions.

Travis- Extremely dynamic experience= "rich" , bridge = sublime

Luke- Spiritually uplifting quality, repetition of diamond shape, surreal--> tree in pool (maintenance?), cut away forms--> forms in pool= other worldly

Tucker- strong exterior= sense of place, entrance sequence strong

Don- sucked (haha jk -strong level of thought, clear concept of "Bouyancy", strong structure)

Rob- strong structure--> floating/ light, minimalist feel, lifeguard tower well thought out= floating over pool makes space feel safe

Matt E.- Example of good overall project, arm of person (concept) seen in structure, teases your brain, clarity of plan "so easy"

Greg- clear dimensions & clarity in ADA diagrams, sticking well to code is clearly shown, bold roof -->innovative ventilation/ surrealism, armadillo concept- could be used on other projects too, "crackly outside"

Matt B.- clear concept visible in plan

Molly- Simple form--> program slips in and out, "cool form" lightness/ floating

Mike- Simple plan, clarity, worked program well

Monika- Thorough plan adjacencies "what goes next to what", interior designed well

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